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title pic Combining Botox with Radiesse, How Much Is It?

Posted by admin on March 5, 2012

When striving for complete facial rejuvenation, often more than one product is necessary to achieve the job. Anti-wrinkle injectables such as Botox can be combined with Radiesse for a full anti-aging treatment. Of course, ordering more treatments from the menu always means additional cost. So how much is it to get Botox and Radiesse at the same time?

What is Radiesse?

Firstly we should look at what Radiesse is and how it can complement Botox injections. Radiesse is an injectable filler which comprises calcium hydroxylapatite (which has the same composition as teeth) in a gel. The product can effectively fill and soften deep facial lines and folds such as nose-to-mouth lines. It can also be used to augment areas of the face such as the cheeks. This filler is not suitable for lips. It has been known to cause lumpiness when injected into the lips. Since it’s not appropriate for all part of the face, Radiesse can be combined with other fillers to achieve a most desired effect.

Patient with Radiesse before & after

Cost $750 to $1,000 per syringe

How much does Radiesse Cost on its own?

Unlike Botox, Radiesse fillers are costed on a per syringe basis, with the price of each varying widely among doctors. Many clinics charge around the $700-1,000 mark for each syringe. However, there are clinics who offer prices as low as $425 and as high as $1,500 just for a single needle. Most cases only require one to two syringes. There are differing syringe sizes as well. Typically there are no other fees involved with getting Radiesse injections.  That’s part of the reason why each shot is so expensive. In their pricing, doctors need to cover the cost of the product, overhead expenses and profit.

In order to determine how much Radiesse filler is required for a patient, the doctor needs to see the depth of the wrinkle or fold, the patient’s facial features and general skin characteristics. Often doctors will discount the cost of the second syringe. For example, if the first one costs $600, then the plastic surgeon may offer two for $1,000 (offering a saving of $100). When combined with Botox injections, a higher discount may be offered.

Paying to have both treatments

The best way of explaining the how much a Radiesse/Botox combination treatment would cost is to provide you with real life examples for both men and women:

Georgia is a 46 year old mother. She has relatively visible forehead lines and crow’s feet for her age, largely due to her sun bathing addiction. She would also like to treat her oral commissures (corners of the mouth). Being a volumizing filler, Radiesse can be injected into this area to stimulate natural collagen production and to soften these creases. Being quite young and only requiring one area to be treated, she should only need one Radiesse syringe. As for the Botox, her forehead & outer eye wrinkles will take the maximum amount of 52 units, considering they are quite extensive and it’s her first treatment. With high prices, the cost of her treatment would be $1,936 ($1,000 for Radiesse and $936 for the Botox at $18 per unit). If she searched around for a cheaper clinic, she may be able to have the treatment done for as low as $968 ($500 for Radiesse & $468 if the Botox was heavily discounted at $9 a unit).

Michael is turning 50 this year. As a Birthday surprize for his wife, he would like to eliminate his frown lines which make him look angry and also soften his nasolabial folds, tear troughs and elevate his cheekbone. Two Radiesse syringes will be needed to rejuvenate under the eyes, fill out the nose to mouth lines and his cheeks. The cost of this can range anywhere between $900 and $1,900. As for the Botox for his glabellas, he would require approximately 35 units. All up, the treatment would range between $1,320 and $2,530.

As you can see, there’s no one size fits all with pricing combination treatments. If your cosmetic surgeon recommends Radiesse and Botox injections, ask them how many units and syringes they estimate for each. Also remember that Radiesse lasts approximately one year, whereas Botox treatments will only last around three to four months.