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Botox for Frown Lines – Cost & Reviews

This is another common problem experienced by patients in the forehead area. The vertical or angled lines which sit between the eyebrows are also referred to as glabellar lines.

The elevens are commonly noticeable when the patient frowns and over time they can be evident even when the patient is not frowning or pulling any facial expression. These lines are caused as a result of repeated muscle movement behind this area which causes the skin to lose its laxity. They can make the person appear angry or agitated and significantly age the patient’s look.

Glabellar lines can either be vertical (also known as the 11s) or they can be oblique/diagonal. Botox injections can reduce frown lines by blocking the nerve impulses that start muscle contractions which deepens these wrinkles. By stopping the muscle movement, the skin has the ability to relax. This prevents movements which cause the wrinkles, providing a more youthful appearance.

The cost of having glabellar lines treated with Botox injections ranges between $250 and $600. Glabellar frown lines require on average 25 to 40 units of Botox formula.

Patient's glabellar lines before Botox costing $250 to $600

Average Cost: $250 – $600

Recent Reviews

Below are real stories submitted about Botox treatments to reduce frown lines. Reviews include amount paid, how long the results lasted, ratings and opinions. If you’ve had glabellar lines treated with Botox, please tell your story.


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I never liked injections, but this is great

Feb 27, 2012 by Chris
Area(s) Treated: Frown lines • 
Cost: $350 • 
Lasted: 3 months 

Ever since using botox, the lines between my eyebrows have disappeared. I was against any kinds of injections before my first treatment but now i actually look forward to them. The treatment really improves my look. My wife was complaining for years about how the glabellar lines made me look angry even when i wasn't. I've never had problems with my doctor, like other people mention. I guess i've been lucky so far.

choose your doctor carefully

Feb 05, 2012 by Sophie
Area(s) Treated: Forehead & crow's feet • 
Cost: $525 

Be careful when choosing a doctor for botox. I was getting botox for crow’s feet and forehead lines with the same plastic surgeon for the past five years without a glitch. When I moved, I was forced to find a new doctor. He was highly recommended but unfortunately when i had my crow’s feet done, the botox migrated to my mouth. I had half a smile for about three and a half months. When i tried to smile at people, it just looked like i was sneering at them. I’m glad to see the effects are finally fading. I’m getting my wrinkles back but luckily also my smile. I’m scared to go back to botox. I just want my old surgeon back. I’m disappointed because i can’t even rely on recommendations and i don’t want to look like a freak for the next three to four months. Decisions, decisions...

expensive but it works

Jan 02, 2012 by Christine
Area(s) Treated: Frown lines & eyes • 
Cost: $450 • 
Lasted: 3.5 months 

I've been getting botox for about three years now. For a woman, i have very deep lines between my eyebrows especially when I frown. Botox injections make me look much younger and more approachable. However, I do find the injections are quite costly.

botox really works

Dec 20, 2011 by Peta
Area(s) Treated: Frown lines • 
Cost: $300 • 
Lasted: 3 months 

Very pleased with the results. My frown lines have disappeared & I look years younger.

worth it

Nov 28, 2011 by Tom
Area(s) Treated: Glabellar lines • 
Cost: $350 • 
Lasted: 5 months 

I'm really impressed with Botox. I had very deep vertical lines between my eyebrows, which just made be look old and unapproachable. The procedure took about 20 minutes and the injections lasted beyond what i expected.

did the job!

Nov 28, 2011 by Alex
Cost: $230 • 
Lasted: 6 months 

I had the lines between my eyebrows treated because I just looked angry all the time. Surprisingly the results lasted a long time. I'm very happy & will be getting more injections soon.

4.0 5.0 6 6 Ever since using botox, the lines between my eyebrows have disappeared. I was against any kinds of injections before my first treatment but now i actually look forward to them. The Botox for Frown Lines - Cost & Reviews


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