Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How much does Botox cost?

The average cost of Botox is approximately $12 to $19 per unit. Clinics often offer discounts for anti-wrinkle injections, in which case you can find Botox as cheap as $8.95 per unit. Each treatment can cost anywhere between $800 and $1,500, but can be as low as $150 to $400 depending on the treatment area, your location and the extent of the condition.

Botox unit requirements per treatment area

Cost of Botox per Treatment Area

The injections have a multiple uses. Here are some treatments for which Botox is commonly used and their costs, based on a per unit price range of $10-$17 and the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s recommended dosages per area where provided:

  • Forehead lines – the cost of Botox for forehead wrinkles is certainly worthwhile for people who have horizontal creases or folds in the forehead. Having wrinkles on your forehead can look particularly displeasing and can add years to your facial appearance. Treatment prices range between $150-340 for women and $200-510 for men.
  • Glabellar Area – these are the horizontal lines between the eyebrows. Glabellar lines can make a person look angry or agitated. The cost of Botox for frown lines is approximately $200-510 for female patients and $300-680 for males.
  • Crow’s Feet – also known as smile lines, preventing the horizontal wrinkles which stem from the outer corners of the yes can offer significant improvement to a patient’s appearance. When evaluating the cost of Botox for crow’s feet you need to consider that injections are required for both sides. So, if a clinic offers pricing per side, you need to double the calculations. The total price typically spans between $160-544 (females) and $240-544 (males).
  • Lips – doctors use the product to soften vertical lip lines and wrinkles around the mouth. It is never used for plumping. The number of units in this area must be very limited, reducing the cost of Botox for lips down to a fraction. However, due to the intricacy of the work involved, cosmetic surgeons will probably charge you a consultation fee. Based on the number of units, the cost for the perioral area would be between $40 and $170.
  • Sweating – excessive sweating is a problem faced by many. Botulinum toxin can be used to reduce or prevent heavy perspiration. Faced with a solution to this embarrassing problem, many patients are more than happy to pay the cost of Botox for sweating, which can run over a thousand dollars.
  • Migraines – those who suffer from chronic migraines can get relief with Botulinum injections. The other option is to take prescription medication, the price of which can add up quickly with each pill costing around $20. The cost of Botox for migraines will typically exceed $1,000, averaging at around $1,300 with the treatment lasting around three to four months.

About the Cost of Botox

Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is a product manufactured by Allergan Inc. It can be used for an array of treatments ranging from anti-wrinkle remedies to alleviating headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, jaw tension, TMJ and excessive sweating. The cost of Botox for underarm sweating is worth it for many patients since it improves their self-esteem and eliminates the embarrassing effects of hyperhidrosis.

Any Botox treatment should be performed in a sterile environment by a doctor, cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon or qualified dermatologist. Before deciding on a provider or type of treatment, make sure to read some Botox reviews.

Typically, plastic surgeons have more skill and experience with facial contouring and accordingly they usually charge more than a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The cost of Botox injections will vary depending on how many units of the product are required for your specific problem area. Other than the type of specialist and the quantity of formula, prices can also fluctuate significantly by location. The fees will always be pricier in cities or highly populated areas as opposed to regional locations. Additionally, since males require more units, the cost of Botox for men is usually dearer than for women.

Combining Botox Costs with Other Treatments

For anti-aging purposes and reducing wrinkles, Botox is one of the less invasive treatments available. However, patients must realise that the product can only treat dynamic wrinkles (those which are visible when the patient moves their face through facial expressions). Often to achieve the best effect, the patient will need to combine the cost of Botox and fillers in order to fully smooth out the skin. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse are used by cosmetic surgeons for filling out static wrinkles (those which are visible without any facial expression). As for dynamic lines and wrinkles, Botox injections can be used for treating the forehead, glabellar lines, crow’s feet and lips.

For example, to enhance the lips doctors can use Botulinum toxin for lines around the mouth and Restylane to plump out the lips. In this situation the cost of Botox and Restylane would be approximately $800.

Juvederm can be combined with Botox injections to improve the upper-mid facial region by eliminating crow’s feet and softening nose-to-mouth lines. To have this treatment done, cost of Botox and Juvederm can range anywhere between $800 and $2,400 depending on the clinic.

If you have acne scarring and would also like to eliminate some wrinkles, you can use a dermal filler such as Radiesse to fill out the scars whilst using anti-wrinkle injections to prevent wrinkles. Such a combination can be quite expensive. For example, the cost of Botox and Radiesse for acne scarring and forehead lines can range between $1,500 and $2,000 depending on the depth and extent of scarring.

How is the Cost of Botox Calculated?

Assessing the prices to charge for Botox is undertaken in a number of ways. The doctor can either charge the patient by the treatment area as a lump sum or based the number of units required.

Per Unit

Most practices charge for Botox treatment by the unit. The number of units required for a certain treatment area depends on the extent of wrinkles and the type of procedure. Each procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes up to half an hour. With each treatment, there’s likely to be numerous injection points. The number of units used will determine the overall price that you pay for Botox injections.

In providing a quote based on per unit cost, the cosmetic surgeon will provide a specific figure for each unit. The cost of Botox per unit can range between $10 and $15, depending on which practice you go to, where it’s located and whether they are offering discounts. The average is around $13 per unit.

Per Vial

Botox Vial containing 100 units

Cost $400 for 100 units

Each vial contains 100 units. Doctors typically purchase Botox formula by the vial, however most don’t charge the patient based on the vial since the cost of Botox per vial is relatively cheap wholesale. Rather, the per-unit pricing is applied. Based on a clinic’s unit pricing structure, a vial would cost the patient around $1,000 to $1,500. Unfortunately, this can make it quite difficult for doctors since once a vile is opened it needs to be used up within a few hours. So if you only require say 40 units for your treatment, the doctor risks not selling the remaining 60 units. This is why the unit prices are so expensive, since they cover the cost of consultation, doctor fees and excess formula remaining in the vial.

Per Area

In certain countries such as in the UK, clinics charge per treatment area. The first area is the most expensive and the costs per area reduce with each additional zone you have treated. For example, if you were to have three regions corrected, the first would cost you £170. You would then pay an additional £30 for another part. Three regions could then end up costing you £250.

How much do Doctors pay for Botox?

Doctors and cosmetic surgeons source their Botox from authorized suppliers of the manufacturer, Allergan Inc. The product often comes in two sizes, Botox 100IU or 50IU. One vial of 100IU can be purchased by doctors for approximately $350 to $400. Genuine Allergan products can only be sold by licensed facilities to the physicians. Of course, since they are essentially a wholesaler, the suppliers often offer a discount where the product is purchased in bulk. For example the cost of Botox to the doctor (wholesale) can be as low as $349 per vial where the clinic buys over 50 vials.

Other costs associated with Botox Injections

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the product of Botox. However, despite its negative comments and reviews, millions of patients look to Botox injections to alleviate everyday problems such as wrinkles, headaches and sweating. Despite its potential to beautify and rejuvenate, the cost of Botox addiction can be disastrous on a person’s finances and self-esteem.

The product is habitually used by celebrities and politicians in order to improve their image. Whilst it does provide a youthful appearance, which can be an essential asset during a campaign, the cost of Botox for politicians can be adverse if the improvements are too obvious. For this reason, it is important that Botox injections are performed by a skilled and experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon who can provide a gradual improvement without problems such as the duck lips, the constant expression of surprise and other nasty effects of Botox.

Will Botox Prices Reduce?

There have been many complaints about the exorbitant costs involved in having Botox injections. The expensive cost of Botox has meant that many people just need to settle for aging gracefully. Has this created a world where the rich look younger whilst the poor can only look upon their wrinkle-free elites in admiration?

Luckily for consumers, there is a competitor in the market which provides injections from the same active ingredient, Botulinum Toxin Type A. Since its introduction, Dysport (initially known as Reloxin) has offered consumers an alternative option. This competing product is said to have lower prices and quicker uptake than the traditional Botox injections. Not only is the cost of Botox vs Dysport providing consumers with a choice, competition in the marketplace always means better pricing.

Having Botox injections can be a costly ordeal. Patients need to consider the benefits Botox will provide and the duration it will last for. Most Botox injections will only provide temporary relief for approximately three to four months, after which repeat treatments are necessary. Patients need to consider the up-front costs and also the cost of maintaining this treatment when weighing up their options and their budget. Whilst the before and after results may be extremely tempting, there may be cheaper alternatives or more permanent solutions which cosmetic surgeons can offer and these should also be explored.

There are ways to get discounted pricing. You can wait until your favourite doctor or clinic offer discounts. However, you may need to have your repeat treatment before they get around to reducing the price, so this may not a practical means of lowering your cost. Some clinics offer a bulk discount if you purchase ongoing treatments (for example a whole year’s worth), which could be a way of saving. Before you sign up for one of these, you want to have at least one treatment at the clinic. This way, if the results aren’t satisfactory, you’re not locked into staying with that clinic. Another way of getting a bargain is to attend or host a Botox party. Doctors typically reduce the cost of Botox at parties because it’s their way of marketing and getting a number of new clients in one event.

Dangers of Cheap Botox

Many places offer bargain treatments or do-it-yourself Botox, however consumers should approach cheap cost of Botox with caution. The product should only be administered by a skilled professional; otherwise there can be disastrous consequences.  Whilst it’s important to consult a professional, this should not mean you should just settle for the first quote. Obtain a number of quotes to get the most competitive pricing but still ensure that you are dealing with an experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon who has administered many Botox injections in the past.