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Botox for Lips – Cost & Reviews

Over time, the upper and lower lips also start to lose laxity and develop vertical fine lines across the entire surface.

They also lose their volume and start to thin out. Cosmetic surgeons need to be very conservative when softening the lips using Botox injections. Using too much can cause hideous results such as the infamous duck lips. Doctors suggest a maximum of 2 to 4 units for each of the upper and lower lips. This amount of units can cost between $20 and $120, however the doctor is most likely to add a consultation fee which could make the treatment around $250 to $500.

Even with a conservative amount, a patient can end up with some loss of movement in their lips, causing minor complications such as difficulties with sucking through a straw or pursing the lips for a kiss. Botox injections are used in order to alleviate the vertical lines evident on the lips. These cannot be disguised with lipstick. This use of Botox has not been approved by the FDA. Some patients also request that they have their lips plumped with Botox however this is not a function of these injections and requires dermal fillers as opposed to a muscle relaxing injectable.

Note: Botox does not plump lips!

Cost: $150 to $500

Using botox on and around the lips

The lips and the area around the lips are one of the main areas which are visibly affected by ageing. As we age, the lips begin to lose volume, develop vertical lines and also the surrounding skin becomes etched with fine lines (also known as smoker’s lines). Many patients look to Botox injections for rejuvenating the lip area. This guide discusses how Botox can be used for the lips, its benefits and limitations.

Lip muscles are highly sensitive and only require very conservative use of muscle relaxing injections. Even though Botox is not approved by the FDA for use on lips, many cosmetic surgeons find that very small amounts can be useful for some purposes, especially when combined with dermal fillers.

Most Botox treatments for the lip region only require about 2 to 8 units of the formula. If the treatment is performed by itself, the cost of Botox can be very minimal, usually around $125. Whenever seeking to rejuvenate your lips with botulinum toxin, fillers or other cosmetic surgery procedures, always make sure you seek advice from a qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in lip injectables and facial contouring.
Botox for plumping the lips

One of the most common misconceptions about Botox is patients believe that it has the ability to augment the size of the lips. This is not true and Botox or any alternative such as Dysport should never be used for this purpose. Adding volume is best done with dermal fillers such as Juvederm Ultra or Restylane. These are hyaluronic acid based injections which inject a smooth gel (space occupier) to fill out areas of lost volume. Unlike Botox, some contain lidocaine, a common anesthetic to ease discomfort during treatment.

Some doctors can achieve slight lip enhancement with Botox by injecting the vermillion border (the demarcation between the lip and the normal skin). Injecting this area enables the upper lip to roll outward, creating a slight pucker. The effect is that more of the red lip skin is visible, making the lip appear bigger. However, this does not add any volume to the lips. This procedure can be used by doctors to correct size difference between the upper and lower lips. Commonly 2 to 5 units of Botox are used in the vermilion border, usually costing around $100 to $150.

Using Botox for lowering the upper lip (gummy smile)

Another unapproved use for Botox for improving the mouth area is to disguise a gummy smile. This condition causes the top gum line to be clearly visible when a patient smiles. Many patients who are concerned about their gummy smile feel self-conscious about and therefore avoid smiling or laughing in order to hide this imperfection.  There are numerous reasons why the gums would be exposed. One of the causes could be an overactive muscle in the upper lip. Where this is the case, Botox injections can help.

In this procedure, the physician injects Botox on the outside of the corners of the nostrils. This is the area just lateral to the tip of the nasal alar. The Botox relaxes the muscle, which has the effect of lowering the upper lip, giving it the ability to cover the gum line when the patient smiles. Other procedures for correcting a gummy smile include crown lengthening (using laser to remove excess gum tissue) and gum reshaping through surgery. Botox injections are a less invasive option for relaxing the upper lip to treat a gummy smile.

Botox for lower lips

Botox cannot plump out or augment the lips. However, Botox injections can be used to improve the look of the lower lips by lifting corners of the mouth which are turned downward. Down facing mouth corners can make a patient appear unhappy or angry. By injecting Botox into the DAO muscle (depressor anguli oris) the effect is to elevate the sides of the mouth, enabling also elevation of the smile and cheeks in some circumstances. Typically 2 to 5 units of Botox are used for the treatment. It can be combined with fillers such as Juvederm to correct marionette lines to further improve the smile.

Botox for vertical smokers lines around the lips

Many people as they age, smokers in particular, begin to develop fine lines with stem outward from the lips. The orbicularis oris muscle is responsible for closing the mouth and puckering the lips when it contracts. Botox injections can be used around the lips to relax this muscle and therefore avoid unnecessary lip puckering. This will eliminate deep wrinkles which appear as the patient purses their mouth.

This treatment does not fill out static wrinkles which appear regardless of any lip movement or facial expression. Fillers will need to be used for this problem. The softening of smoker’s lines with Botox can help to significantly rejuvenate a patient’s facial appearance and take back years from their face.

Risks and side effects when using Botox for lips

Botox cosmetic is approved by the FDA for glabellar lines. It is not approved for use on or around the lips. All of the above treatments are performed by surgeons off label. Before considering treatment of the lips with Botox you need to be fully informed of the side effects and the risks involved.

Firstly, your doctor should know that Botox can never be used to enlarge the lips, but is rather utilized for softening lines and wrinkles. Botox use in the lips must be very conservative and should be performed by a very experienced and skilled surgeon. If the procedure is not done properly, it can cause drooling, inability to purse the lips properly for speech, sucking on a straw or cigarette and in some instances it can result in a crooked smile. Of course, these complications are temporary and will subside once the Botox wears off, but this could take months. When considering Botox for lips, make sure you seek advice from a professional such as a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Recent Reviews

Below are real stories submitted about Botox injections for the lips. Reviews include amount paid, how long the results lasted, ratings and opinions. If you’ve had your lips treated with Botox, please tell your story.

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I love my smile now

Feb 02, 2012 by Izzy
Area(s) Treated: Corners of the mouth • 
Cost: $380 • 
Lasted: Not sure yet 

I always looked unhappy because the corners of my lips naturally turn downward. My doctor recommended a tiny amount of botox to help lift the corners. I only needed 4 units and the results are tremendous. It's made a huge different to my face.

Part of my lip was paralyzed

Jan 23, 2012 by Lin
Area(s) Treated: Lips • 
Cost: $300 • 
Lasted: 3 months 

Don't use botox for the lips. Or if you do, get really experienced injector. I tried to get my mouth area rejuvenated by using botox. What a disaster. A few days after the injections, i couldn't move one side of my mouth. This lasted for months and I was so embarrassed. I will never get this treatment done again.

made by lips look delicious

Jan 04, 2012 by Joanna
Area(s) Treated: Lips • 
Cost: $200 • 
Lasted: About two months 

this is the first time i've used anti wrinkle injections. It wasn't that painful, but i did have a little swelling for a few days. after a couple of days, i really started to notice the difference. my lips just looked younger. i felt a little restriction of movement but nothing major. very nice results.

Lip lift & cupid's bow

Dec 05, 2011 by Meg
Area(s) Treated: Upper lips • 
Cost: $430 • 
Lasted: 3 months 

I had my upper lips injected with Botox to enhance my cupid's bow and to give them a little lift. the results looked fantastic. I wasn't expecting fuller lips but they actually ended up looking a little plumper. there was some pain involved.

worked for me :-)

Nov 28, 2011 by Zoe
Cost: $550 • 
Lasted: 5 weeks 

I had my lips plumped with juvederm and botox injections to smooth out fine lines. I'm really pleased with the result & ready for my next touch up.

not for my lips!

Nov 28, 2011 by Tina
Cost: $250 • 
Lasted: 2 months 

I got my upper and lower lips injected to enhance their appearance. I know botox isn't meant for plumping out the lips. I just wanted to make them look nicer and get rid of those hideous lip lines. I really think my surgeon used way too much botox. I felt like one of those cosmetic surgery disaster freaks & was ashamed to be out in public. Not a nice result - paying money to look even worse!

3.3 5.0 6 6 I always looked unhappy because the corners of my lips naturally turn downward. My doctor recommended a tiny amount of botox to help lift the corners. I only needed 4 units and the Botox for Lips - Cost & Reviews


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